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With the month of May behind us, let’s take a look back at the number of updates that Clash of Clans went through. At the start of the month, there were promises of many upgrades and fixes, which game developer Supercell pretty much delivered. Although bugs often accompany new updates, solutions are usually just around the corner.

New Additions to Clash of Clans

New Elixir Troops

4 years since it was last updated, the Elixir troop has finally been given attention in the latest update. Two new members were added: Baby Dragon and the Miner, which you can unlock at Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10, respectively.

You need to spend 18,000 Elixir to acquire the Baby Dragon, and then train for 10 minutes within the game before you can inflict massive damage to your opponents. What is great about the Baby Dragon is that it can hit both land and air targets.

The Miner, on the other hand, works as its name suggests, tunnel their way underground past walls and enemy defenses.

The Friendly Challenge

In the recent Clash of Clan update, Friendly Challenges were added, which allow players to attack other clan mates for practice, fun or competition. To issue a friendly challenge, look for the Challenge button at the top of Clan chat, choose a layout, and then send a friendly challenge to the Clan chat.

What is great about such battles is that no gold, troops, traps, heroes or spells will be consumed, but has unlimited gameplay. Everything you deploy the moment you accept a friendly challenge will be returned to you afterwards. Results and replay will also be provided in the Clan chat.

And although you won’t earn trophies, resources or other bonuses, you’ll gain insights and strategies that you can use for your next battle with your opponents. Its great fun all around.

The Skeleton Spell

Summon skeletons after you build a Level 4 Dark Factory in Town Hall 9. If you wish to increase the number of skeleton troops, keep upgrading up to level 4 at a cost of one Dark Elixir at each upgrade. What makes them quite handy is that they won’t trigger traps, and they do a perfectly good job of luring and distracting your opponents. What an excellent way to bring back the dead, right?

With training and regeneration time for heroes improved in previous Clash of Clan updates, the new changes only serve to double the fun and excitement.