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Google has finally launched its Chrome 51 version for Android devices, an update that is focused on performance improvements. The new Chrome 51 version can be now downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Likewise the desktop version of the application, the Android version of it comes with the new Credential Management API along with improvements to page rendering. This is allowing developers to use Chrome’s credential managers more extensively, instead of just storing a saved password. In other words, users will be able to sign in with a single tap and automatically sign back in when returning to that website.

At the same, the Intersection Observer API is allowing websites to detect element intersection such as an asynchronous event. This means that websites will be able to receive a callback whenever an element is intersecting with an already watched element or its “children”. In other words, websites will no longer need to implement this functionality via a custom JavaScript and because of this, they gain the benefits of improved webpage load and scroll performance.

It seems that the big searching engine company has reduced the overhead of the off-screen rendering. It is good to know that Chrome will no longer run the rendering piepeline or requestAnimationFrame() callbacks for cross-origin frames that are off-screen.

This means that it is eliminating unnecessary work and it will improve the power consumption on your device by up to 30 percent. In other words, embedded content such as ads, social widgets and videos will no longer create overhead that will slow down the webpage.

The new Chrome 51 version for Android can be downloaded right now from the Google Play Store.

Have you tested the new Chrome 51 version on your Android device? Is the web browsing faster now? Is your device using less battery with the new Chrome 51?

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