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Many people think WhatsApp is just a plain and simple chatting app. However, those of you who are in a relationship and use it can confirm that it’s not just that. It can turn into a relationship wrecker really quick. And if you were wondering what can make it so dangerous for your social and romantic life, the culprit is an innocent feature called “Last Seen”.

There have been lots of cases when one of the partners says he is going to sleep and then, when the significant other checks his last seen timestamp, oops! It shows a totally different time when he used the app last time. And this in itself wouldn’t be such a crime, if for instance he/she has insomnia. But what do you do when this is a current practice? What could be the reason your partner is telling you he/she is going to sleep, but stays a couple more hours awake and texting?

No wonder there are thousands of doubts and mistrust when such a case appears. Many people who have been using this feature to check their partner’s behavior ended up by finding that they were indeed being cheated on.

However, there are still useful parts of this feature. For instance, some people reported having used it in order to check if their friends were okay after the terrorist attacks in France or Turkey. Some parents use it to check if their children are okay. What’s best about this is the fact that you can know whether a person regularly uses the app or not, or if they are okay without actually disturbing them and interrupting them when they are at work, for instance.

If there is anything to wonder about, is the fact that a simple time stamp has come to mean all these things.