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Supercell released a new update during May, and it’s supposed to offer an array of features for its Clash of Clans game.

To date, the biggest reveal was the “Friendly Challenges”, enabling players to train themselves against clanmates. Players can fight one another to practice their skills – for both fun and competition. These challenges are noted as being free, not costing users any gold or units/items. They don’t provide rewards either.  They’re also limited to clans, potentially letting them host competitions or utilized to boost the strength in every city.

Changes are being made to the Preparation Day, as clans can’t see the layout of their opponents. However, scouting does let them see an active Village layout. This is done so clans won’t copy another player’s layout during a Friendly Challenge.

A number of units will have some type of balance modification, with changes seen around Town Hall 11 units and defenses. There will be some new layout editing tools offered as well as a Builder Suggestion that will offer suggestions on upgrades for all buildings.

A new troop was set to be included along with a new spell. Supercell said it would not trigger traps.

Another huge update was set for a May 26 release.