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It seems that Sony is on a high wave recently, since it has been releasing phones every half a year or so. One of the most powerful phones they produced is the Sony Xperia X, an upgrade from the Xperia Z series, both in the design and the specs. One of its main competitors is Samsung Galaxy S7, which belongs to the same category of the best phones available on the market. But is it any of them better than the other?

In what concerns the design, they are both very stylish and have beautiful designs. Although the S7 fits better in your hand due to the tapered back, the Xperia X is satisfactory too, although the buttons are placed quite oddly. The S7 also comes with water protection, so that’s a bonus for Samsung. Both companies chose round edges and sleek looks for their phones, so you could say they are pretty similar.

The display is a little larger with the S7, having 5.1 inches, compared to the 5 inches of the Xperia X. Sony offers a full HD display the comes with oversaturated bright colors, while Samsungs opted for a quad HD display.

The interface has also suffered some changes. Samsung is using a TouchWiz one, which is quite popular, even though it’s different than the stock Android one. On the other hand, Sony uses a light custom Android one that looks similar to that of Google. The animations on the Xperia move quickly and there are other small changes in the design of some apps. You can customize a lot of stuff on both of them, but Samsung clearly offers you a greater freedom when it comes to this.

All in all, you can’t really say that one of them is better than the other, since it all depends on personal preferences, but you can be sure they are both excellent phones!