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New word is out! Moto X 2016 will be known as Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play, with the latter as a lower cost version. Whatever happened to the X moniker? Rumor has it that the company is aiming to produce new generation Moto flagship smartphones, which is why they’re dropping the X and replacing it with a Z. So there is a possibility that Moto X 2016 might no longer be used.

Parent company Lenovo is also rumored to phase out the brand name Motorola, but will keep the term Moto. As the process will be done gradually, people are still likely to see the Motorola logo at the back of the upcoming devices until it will be removed completely.

Under the circumstances, the change of name may not have much of an effect to avid fans, considering that it is still produced by the same trusted manufacturer. At this point, they are likely to be waiting for the new models to be introduced in the market, which is slated to happen in June 9 during the Lenovo Tech World event.

There have already been leaks about the specs and hardware details, along with the announcement that Lenovo and Motorola Mobility will “transform mobile, again”.

Leaked photos showed a stunning metal unibody design that is often associated with a premium look and feel. So gone are the days when most Motorola Mobile phones are described as decent and conservative, design-wise.

Other leaked photos also showed a proprietary connector on the bottom rear of the device, which is believed to be where the upcoming line of modular attachments called MotoMods will be connected.

The idea that the upcoming batch of Motorola phones will be very different than its predecessors is further reinforced with leaked reports about slip-on rear covers known as Style Mod. Unlike conventional covers, this works like the phone’s actual battery cover and it comes in a wide range of variants. It comes in plastic, leather cork and wood paneling.

It is believed that Style Mod could be replacement for Moto Maker. The only difference is that it would be more profitable because Motorola might sell multiple covers to phone owners, along with a few add-ons.

Moto X 2016 is also rumored to support modular attachments, such as a projector, full external camera and speakers.

From an August release date leak, Moto X 2016 would be out sooner than expected.