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What’s new with MacBook Pro 2016? A lot. Leaked photos obtained by Cult of Mac showed that MacBook Pro is in for a new look and more features.

OLED Touch Bar

Spy shots of a 13-inch MacBook Pro chassis showed that the function keys are no longer in their usual spot, which is above the row of numbers. When corroborated with a previous report from Ming Chi-Kuo, KGI Securities analyst, the function keys will be replaced by an OLED touch bar or OLED display panel. Although there are no details about the size and functionality of the OLED display touch bar, it is believed to have the ability to be reconfigured based on a user’s work style. This could also mean a simple display of notifications, customizable shortcut buttons, and a complete replacement of the OS X’s dock.

Speaker Grille

The only laptop in Apple’s lineup that has speaker grilles is the 15-inch MacBook Pro. But leaked photos of the new MacBook Pro showed speaker grilles on either side of the keyboard. This is far different from the existing speakers of the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is built into the vents underneath the hinge. If the design is followed through, the new MacBook Pro 2016 will have a better audio output.

USB-C ports

Unlike the 12-inch MacBook that only has a single USB-C port that connects to everything – charging, data and display, the new MacBook Pro will have two on either side of the laptop for a total of 4 USB-C ports. Given the limitations that a single port provides, the addition of three USB ports definitely makes a huge difference.

Skylake Processor

Other new features include the use of the 6th generation Skylake processor chip to power the next MacBook Pro 2016. From an Intel Broadwell chip, Apple started its transition to Skylake with the recently unveiled 12-inch MacBook 2016. Skylake is said to offer longer operating hours and efficient performance and speed.

Touch ID

The touch ID is a new MacBook Pro feature that will be used to remotely unlock a Mac laptop or desktop. It will be hard-coded with OS X 10.12.

The Apple MacBook Pro is definitely in need of a redesign. It is believed that the new MacBook Pro will make an appearance in Apple’s WWDC conference this June, along with a rumored new line of MacBook – MacBook Pro, MacBook 2016 to replace MacBook Air, and the MacBook Air that will be downgraded to entry level in the market.