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There’s been no word from Nintendo on the release date for the Pokémon Go game that’s being beta tested at this moment. However, rumors abound that players could see Pokémon Go be released sometime during the summer.

Pokémon GO is set to be a story-driven RPG, focusing on the multi-player aspect. The Pokémon Go Plus wearable device will come with the augmented-reality game when released.

Several Pokémon Go beta testers went to Reddit to post their impression of the game, talking about how developers altered the battle mechanics and players can deal additional damage with a charge attack. On top of that, there’s a quicker battle pace and trainers will fight in real-time while trying to avoid other players’ attacks.
Beta testing in Japan began in March, then was opened up to both New Zealand and Australia fans in April and the U.S. in May. There’s no clue as to when the beta tests will conclude but rumors persists the game is set to release for iOS and Android sometime summer.

How Can Fans Become A Beta Tester

If a fan wants to become a beta tester, they need to have the Android software on the device, with at least the 4.3 version – nothing powered by the Intel Atom processor since it’s not supported. An iPhone needs to run a minimum of iOS 8.

Should fans meet these requirements, they’ll need to visit the Niantic Labs website and hit the sign up button to apply for a spot. If accepted, users will get to play the game right away. If fans are found to share the information, the field test account can be terminated.