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Modding has always been a part of Bethesda, and game director Todd Howard describes it as taking to the ultimate level the kind of game that is about “being who you want and doing what you want”. It allows you to mess with what the game developers have already created and add something new to the gameplay dynamics.

For producer Kevin Kauffman, system mods can expand your game exponentially. After all, players can add many different things to existing characters and elements, from colors to sound. So it’s not a surprise that they opened the Creation Kit for the new Fallout 4 mods for fans and players.

It was launched in the first week of May, at the same time that they released the 1.5 Update of the game. The kit was the same thing was the same tool that the game studio used to create Fallout 4. So anyone participating in the mods’ creation is basically an unofficial Bethesda game developer.

Through the Creation Kit, you can create new weapons or worlds that would make gameplay even more exciting and exhilarating. Find something you like but lack some cool features? You can make them yourself and enjoy a whole new level of game experience.

Get started with the Creation Kit

  1. Download launcher to your PC. The Creation Kit only works on PC.
  2. Log in to Steam.
  3. From your library, right click on Fallout 4, select Properties > Betas.
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Beta. This will update Fallout 4 to Fallout 4 Beta.
  5. You can then start to build Fallout 4 mods on your PC.
  6. Once you’ve build your mod, upload it to and share with all your friends in Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4.

Remember to set the specifics of your mod before making it available to the public. Simply tick on the categories that best describe your mod, such as Armor, Clothing, Characters, Audio, Cheats, Quests, Weapons, Overhaul, and Items and Objects – Player.

You can also set a mod version and add patch notes whenever applicable.

Howard is encouraging everyone to download mods and send feedbacks. According to him, “the life of Fallout 4 in your hands will take all of us to places that none of us anticipated and we look forward to doing it together”. It’s a collaborative effort that will prove exciting for both Bethesda and players of Fallout 4.

Mods will be available to Xbox One first, then later on the PS4.

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