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Viber is a popular application which comes with many features and options. Today we will talk about a new Viber version that has been released for iOS and Android devices, which brought some new features.

First of all, you should know that the new Viber version supports GIFs, which means that you can now finally “spam” your friends with some funny GIFs that you find all over the internet.

In addition, the new update is now allowing you to manually save the text history. In other words, in case you reinstall the application or install it on a new mobile device, you will be able to restore the conversation(s) with ease. According to the developer, the new Viber version for Android and iOS comes with this new feature and you will be able to back up the text message history and save it to your cloud service such as Google Drive or iCloud.

To make things even better, the developer has released the Western Union feature to the Viber application. We remind you that using Western Union, you will be able to transfer money across more than 200 countries. The money can be sent to a Western Union agent in these countries where the receiver will be able to get the cash. However, it is good to know that you can send the money directly to a bank account, but this feature works only in 50 countries.

We also remind you that, a few days ago, Viber has been released as a Universal app for Windows 10 devices. WhatsApp is its biggest competitor, but for some reason, this application doesn’t support GIF right now, which is a big downside. At the same time, the Video Calling feature is expected to be released for WhatsApp sometime in the near future, but the developer didn’t confirm it yet.

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