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The Android version of Twitter no longer looks like an iOS clone, as the developers have announced a new update that brings big changes to its look. The application has now a floating action button, which was introduced in the alpha update that has been tested by a limited group of users in the past months. The “dark theme” that was leaked recently wasn’t spotted in this new update.

So, what else is new in the new update of Twitter for Android? The developers have included a slide-out menu which gives users access to their Profile, Highlights, Lists and their Connect stream. Also, from this slide-out menu, users can play with the app settings, switch accounts or view their Twitter Ads, while the four tabs across the top correspond to the home screen, Twitter Moments, notifications and mentions (“Connect”) and Direct Messages. As for the floating action button from the bottom, it can be used for getting to the Compose Tweet screen.

There are no other changes and the application looks pretty much the same as the previous version, because Twitter’s developers didn’t want to confuse users with too many drastic changes. Sometimes, some improvements are not really appreciated by users and they stop using an application because they no longer like how it looks like.

Twitter 6.0.0 update for Android will start rolling out to all users, in stages, but it can be found on the Google Play store, as well. The application was released in 2006 and currently, it’s used by 310 million people from all over the world. The online social networking service allows users to send 140-character messages (tweets) and in 2016, it received new features such as: Twitter Q&A, Twitter Polls, Twitter Camera, Conversational ads, better protection against bullies and soon, rumors say that the character limit will be increased to 10,000.