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Are you in for wearing a connected smart jacket which has the top-quality fabric from Levi’s – and is packed with technology from Google?

Well, you are not the only one.

However, the smart jacket will supposedly be a reality – as both of these brands have paired up and promised to give our actual ‘wearables’ a better future.

smart jacket google levis
No, this is not a scene from your favorite Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’.

Project Jacquard – The Name Of The Smart Jacket By Google

It’s true – iconic brands definitely have something in common. And while Levi’s is here for decades, Google is a relatively newer business – however one of the most dominant digital empires and a true pioneer in the Internet era.

Wearable technology, on the other hand, is a huge trend that transforms our lives. Just think about it – how a wristband can detect your sweat and automatically turn on the boiler in your bathroom?

smart jacket by google
Are you ready for connected sleeves (yet)?

It’s wearable technology – and Project Jacquard is a new one in which Levi’s and Google are the new frontiers. The Blue Jeans by Levi’s – more precisely the Jeans Jacket – gets redefined. And although the project started in May last year, it is now officially in beta version and being tested.

The Jacket Of Our Future – A Smart-Connected Jacket By Google And Levi’s

The Google + Levi’s smart jacket will be released early next year. As both of the companies announced, the partnership will soon become official – and what started as a Google I/O announcement last year will now present a new jacket.

So, what will the jacket be like?

First and foremost, it will create an interactive patch and be made of fabric that allows smart connection. It will sense your hand before you even touch it – and how you actually touch it. The jacket will be as stylish as the classic Levi’s jackets – but also Bluetooth powered and even ready to answer your calls!

smart jacket levis google
Here are a bit of specs on the new smart jacket by Levi’s and Google.

The best part?

Well, you will be able to configure which apps you want to pair up with the smart jacket. Also, you can swipe on its fabric to adjust the volume on the music you listen – on it – and use an array of other gestures to navigate your way on Google Maps.

Perfect for a bicycle ride, right? You betcha.