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November 2016… that’s when Pokémon Sun and Moon is set to be released to the public. And, it’ll be the first set of games for the Generation VII Pokémon.  The U.S. release date is Nov. 18; Europe’s release date is Nov. 23.

Players can choose from the three new Pokémon for their starters, using the same type as other Pokémon games – Fire (Litten), Water (Popplio) and Grass (Rowlet), which can also fly. There are no hints on other Pokémon players can see within the games.

Nintendo said the games would be connected to the PokeBank, which let players to move captured Pokémon to other games. The company said Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire would also link to the bank.

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s location were accidentally revealed by Amazon on the official store, and then confirmed by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Amazon said Aloha is the chain on numerous islands that players would have to travel constantly between.

There’s more rumors than facts about Pokémon Sun and Moon. However, both Nintendo and The Pokémon Company said via Twitter that more information would be forthcoming in June and fans could see something at E3.

Some retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the Sun and Moon games, which will cost $39.99 when released.