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We are very excited with every set of iPhone 7 leaked photos we see in our office. However, with the last set of iPhone 7 leaks – all we can say is ‘dull and boring’.

Wondering why?

Well, according to the newest set of iPhone 7 concept leaks, the phone will be just the same – resembling the iPhone 6S model a lot. Seriously, a lot.

See The iPhone 7 Leaked Concept For Yourself

There were a lot of renders, concepts, leaks and schematics for the new iPhone 7 series. From factory-taken photos to designer concepts and supposed official photos, we have seen everything. However, that everything is now packed in a single concept showing us the new iPhone 7 in its real light.

And although we still don’t have a clue on its features, the iPhone 7 specifications are not something that worries us. Primarily, it’s the design.

One graphic designed named Martin Hajek has decided to make the leaks official – and create 3D models of the new iPhone 7. Actually, he is pretty much known for it in the past, and his creations have been a close representation to the past iPhone models. With these ones, we pray that’s NOT the case. Why?

Well, see for yourself.

iphone 7 concept leaked iphone 7 concept leaked iphone 7 concept leaked iphone 7 concept leaked iphone 7 concept leaked

The iPhone 7 Concept Looks ‘Just Boring’

As you can see from the photos above, the iPhone 7 concept is a wraparound of all the leaks so far and every major announcement Apple willingly – or not willingly made. And when it comes to design, we already know that t here was no revamp on the iPhone 6S – as a brand new model after the iPhone 6 – something Apple is definitely not proud of.

So, will we see this situation again? In other words, will Apple ‘surprise’ us with a dull and boring design and base the iPhone 7 announcement on two to three features not at all tied to the uniqueness of the phone itself?

We will definitely see. However, as you can see from the photos above, it’s only the dual camera and the antenna parts that are different than the iPhone 6s model. With changes like this, the iPhone 7 won’t be attracting many buyers and that’s for sure.

So please Apple, don’t make the iPhone 7 look like this.