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Microsoft’s highly successful tablet line will be skipping its one tablet release per year habit, and will instead release the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in 2017. Around that time, it will also launch the Surface Book 2.

Here is an overview of what we know so far about the two tablets.

Surface Book 2

There isn’t much info about this tablet, except of a YIBADA report stating that it will feature Intel Skylake processors. It will also sport a 4K screen similar to the one the Surface Pro 5 is rumored to get and it will come with a rechargeable stylus. The report also says that it will run the Redstone 2 update of Windows 10.

Surface Pro 5

This tablet was rumored to be released in late 2016, but the latest leaks and reports say that the launch has been delayed for the year 2017. If you’re wandering what type of processor will power the highly anticipated tablet, know it will most likely be an Intel Kabylake one combined with the latest Nvidia Pascal and AMD Polaris graphic and that it will run the Redstone 2 update of Windows 10.

Other reports state that the Surface pro 5 will feature up to 7 hour of battery life, a rechargeable Surface Pen with an added on/off button, and indicator light, a Type – C USB port and changing terminals.

It will also sport a 13.3 inch 4K display that will support watching 4K videos.

According to the most recent leaks, it’s believed that the tablet will have 16 GB of RAM

Even though these reports and leaks are merely assumptions at this point, due to the fact that the previous Microsoft tablet generations were a huge hit among users, the most obvious move from Microsoft would be to up the game in terms of specs and features for the 5th gen.

That being said, know that many tech bloggers believe that if the Surface pro 5 will sport better specs it will be priced somewhere between 899 dollars and 1599 dollars, depending on how many of those specs it actually has.