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It seems that Microsoft is currently looking to improve their hardware efforts, given the competition out there on the market. Recently there have been some reports about Surface Pro tablets, which would be quite good news if you think about the fact that many people are satisfied with the Surface Pro series. Fans are watching with a close eye the company, who is expected to release the tablet this year.

Sadly, we have no other official information in what concerns its specifications, release or the price. All we have is a rumor regarding the fact that they will be using Intel processors.

Actually, the rumors about the tablet series upgrading are starting to get quite old, but many of them turned out to be false. The most recent report shows that the Surface Pro 5 has been delayed because there is an issue in the supply chain in the company.

The Surface Pro 4 benefits from the latest Skylake chipset from Intel and people say that Microsoft will bet on the collaboration with Intel for many years to come. Consequently, the Surface Pro 5 will use a faster and more reliable technology than the Skylake, namely the Kaby Lake chips. Since this type of processors will be available only towards the end of this year, naturally, the release of the Pro 5 has been delayed.

Of course, there is the possibility that Microsoft will bring a new touch to the Surface Pro series and quit waiting for the new processor to be launched. In this case, they could switch to the next most powerful chipset available and rush the production of the tablets so that they will release it this summer. However, keep in mind that Microsoft is not as strict in respecting the deadlines as Apple, for instance.