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As one of the most important apps on Android devices, it is not a surprise that Google Play Store updates are released as often as possible. Imagine what mobile life is like without the Play Store where all your favorite apps are found. It’s almost scary to imagine.

So what’s the latest Google Play Store update?

6.7.13 APK Download for Android.

Although it was uploaded last June 2, this update may take some time to reach your device. But you’ll know when it’s available since it can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. The latest APK version is 16.09 MB in size, and has a minimum requirement of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14). It won’t work in earlier versions of Android OS.

Unlike previous Google Play Store updates, this new APK doesn’t bring any new features, but bug fixes and general improvements. Before you feel disappointed with the lack of additional features, know that it focuses on better app stability. Yes, it’s definitely worth updating to 6.7.13 APK.

Higher quality app often translates to better user ratings. This also ensures apps are downloaded more often, used more frequently and have longer install periods. That is, they’re not at risk of being uninstalled just a few minutes after download and installation.

Although app stability should be ensured from the developer’s side, the latest Play Store APK update can help fill the gaps. It also enabled Android apps to keep up with iOS apps.

In a 2014 study called Mobile Experience Benchmark, mobile application performance management (APM) solution Crittercism discovered that apps running on iOS 7.1 is less likely to crash than those installed on Android Gingerbread. Marshmallow may be a long way away from Gingerbread, but the study still provided an insight into the importance of app stability.

No doubt, Google Play Store apps are working better than before, but the new APK designed for app stability will take better to best.

Along with the new APK version is the new feature that will soon hit Google Play Store – Uninstall Manager. It provides a workaround for insufficient memory or lack of storage space. What it does is allow you to uninstall unused apps with convenience, so you can download whatever applications you need installed. Until such time that you can add more storage space, the Uninstall Manager offers a quick workaround.

Together with update sizes displaying correctly, new APK version will improve your Google Play Store experience.