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Everyone is ready for the presentation of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And in case you are wondering why it isn’t named Galaxy Note 6, Samsung will apparently skip the name to align the new line to its Galaxy S family.

So, This Is How Galaxy Note 7 Will Look Like

We have the first ‘official’ image of the new Galaxy Note 7 model. And what do we mean with ‘official’?

Well, the image appears to be taken in a professional way – in a similar style to how Samsung takes images when presenting their new smartphones. Originally found by NowhereElse, the leaked image was posted on Twitter and it clearly aligns with the rumors – presenting a large number 7 and a text saying ‘The Next Note’ below it.

See it for yourself below:

galaxy 7 note the next

Although there are no markings that the image comes from Samsung directly, we can definitely agree that someone with basic skills could have created this.

Only to find out a more accurate mobile leak of the new Galaxy Note 7, looking like this:

galaxy note 7 leaked

And this:

galaxy note 7 leaked

According to these ‘official leaked photos’ of the new Galaxy Note 7, we can clearly see the presence of an USB-C port on the bottom. And although Samsung is not known for this USB standard, this new Note 7 family may bring it to life. Aside from that, we cannot spot a dual rear camera – as some rumors suggested.

Galaxy Note 7 Vs. iPhone 7 Plus – A Tough Battle

Knowing that the Galaxy Note 7 is probably the best iPhone 7 Plus competitors, this model must be special in order to win the hearts of the Samsung fans. The Galaxy Note 7 announcement and release data, on the other hand, could take place in early August according to some rumors. Logically, this is the time right before the arrival of the new iPhone 7 – and something that Samsung is looking forward as ‘the battle of the giant smartphones’ (also known as phablets).

Until then, we are waiting for the official graphic done by Samsung so that we know the real name of the Note model we are hoping to see at the end of the summer. It is up to Samsung to makeĀ things official and put an end to all the rumors tied with the name and the announcement date.