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The Clash of Clans May update was released almost two weeks ago and it brought
Friendly Challenges, new troops and spells, as well as an avalanche of notifications that were interrupting players too often. Supercell had to placate angry players and in short time, it released an optional update that added the option to set notifications timeinterval to 12 hours.

Players were getting notifications with warning that their troops need a leader, or that they forgot to train their army, while others were angry that they were interrupted by notifications regarding spells, right in the middle of an upgrade timer. This nightmare lasted only a few days, because Supercell came with an optional update that put an end to it, and it allowed players to set notification updates to appear every 12 hours.

The problem is that iPhone Clash of Clans players were left out, as they still can’t filter notifications without blocking all of them. But, if they no longer want to be bothered by notifications in the game, they can block them by going to Settings > Notifications > Clash of Clans. By doing this, players will no longer know when their army will be ready for battle, or when the hero countdown timers is down to zero. Android players are very grateful that now they’re able to filter out Clash of Clans notifications by using a combination of Tasker and Notification Listener.

As for the original May update, its headline new feature is called Friendly Challenges and using this option, players will fight against their clanmates without penalty. Practically, they’ll train in friendly battles and in order to start a combat, the player will tap the challenge button from the clan chat interface and any clan member will accept the request. In that moment, the battle will begin and players at Town Hall 9 or above will not access layouts that were modified in the last 24 hours.

Also, there are new spells: Skeleton spell is unlocked at Town Hall 9 and Clone spell is available at Town Hall 10. The new troops that we’ve told you in the introduction are Miner and Baby Dragon, which are brought directly from Clash Royale.