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With all the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding Fallout 4, everyone is dying to find out if Fallout 4 survival mode 1.5 update lived up to the hype. It would be such a disappointment if it falls short of everyone’s expectations. Imagine all that waiting and speculating gone down the drain.

The good news is survival mode for PS4 has some really amazing challenges that will test the survivalist and strategist in you. On top of these, Fallout 4’s 1.5 update comes with fixes and gameplay improvements for the PC version.

If there’s one way to describe Fallout 4 Survival Mode it would be making tough choices in the face of multiple challenges. In order to survive and live to tell the tale, you must satisfy survival mode’s four major pillars – Strategy, Exploration, Role-Playing and Resource Management.

What makes Fallout 4 Survival Mode tougher than it already is?

The only way to save the game is to find a bed and sleep. Autosave, manual and quick saving are all disabled, so you would have to tread carefully in order not to die before finding a bed. Otherwise, you would have to start all over again.

Your character is also more human now that fast travel is disabled. You’re going to have to explore one area to another the old-fashioned way. As if that’s not hard enough, you’re also prone to mortal weakness, such as increase lethality, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, fatigue, immunodeficiency and illness. If you get hit or crippled, you will be slow to heal and want auto-heal after a combat is also not available.

Survival Mode may seem too close to reality, but your endurance, strength and mental capacity won’t be tested if surviving is easy.

In addition, your total carry weight has been reduced, with most items gaining weight, from bullets to companions that you may have to carry when they’re wounded.

Although your companion’s carry weight is calculated separately, exceeding the carry weight of anything would have an adverse effect on your overall wellness. You’ll tire easily and may even have crippled legs.

So if you ever wonder why there are four pillars in Survival Mode, now you know the answer. And one last thing, any locations that you’ve already cleared will not stay clear for a long time.

Game studio Bethesda confirmed that the Fallout 4 Survival Mode will have support for the Far Harbor DLC that provides the largest regions of the game so far.