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The latest DLC for GTA 5 and GTA Online is called “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” and it’s a crime-themed expansion. Rockstar has previously announced it and players already knew that this update will allow them to become the CEO of a criminal enterprise and that they will gain control of territory and resources.

Who doesn’t want to become a CEO in real life? Actually, there are minimum chances to achieve this goal, but GTA 5 and GTA Online will give you this opportunity to be the big bad boss. Just get an executive office, find a team of associates and “deluxe office suites specifically for the motivated career criminal.” In the description of the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update, it is said that “ These masterpieces in executive design come with a full-time assistant, helipad, boardroom, Don’t Cross the Line arcade game, and optional storage space like the Gun Locker, allowing you to personalize your perfect weapon loadout before you go on the job.”

From the moment you become a CEO, you will start buying and selling “special cargo”, which you’ll store in your warehouse. However, other gangs will find out about your successful business and will try to take you down, so you will need the help of your squad to stay safe.

There are also new jobs and challenges:

VIP Work: Headhunter, Airfreight and Haulage.
VIP Challenges: Cashing Out and Salvage.

The “Trading Places” Adversary mode is a new addition where winners and losers fight against each other and players who will want to try it out will get double RP. The DLC brings also new vehicles (Bravado Rumpo Custom, Buckingham Nimbus, Enus Windsor Drop, Grotti Bestia GTS, HVY Brickade, Pegassi Reaper, Vapid FMJ and Volatus), a new boat named the Tug, attire and weapon attachments. In stores from Los Santos can be found new clothes – SecuroServ-branded items, and the Drum & Box magazine attachment will be purchased from Ammu-Nation.