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If you’re using WhatsApp for the first time, there are some things you should know about it. This application has many features – besides sending messages containing texts, images, videos or audio files, and below we’ll tell you about some of the less used features that will improve your user experience.

How To Hide Your Last Seen, Status And Profile Picture

The Last Seen feature will let your friends know that you were active on WhatsApp and they’ll get mad at you because you ignored their messages. There are many annoying people in this world, and in order to keep them at a distance, you must take measures. In this case, you are able to hide your Last Seen status, and your stalkers won’t know you’ve logged into your account. This can be done by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen, where you’ll have the option to set it seen by “Everyone”, “Contacts” or “Nobody”. The same thing can be done for your profile image or status.

See If Your Message Has Been Read

A while ago, WhatsApp has introduced Read Receipts feature (two blue check marks) that allowed users to know if their messages were read by recipients. But this feature is now optional, so if you want to check when a sent message was read, press hold on it and tap “Info”. You will know the time and date when the message has been read.

Disable The Blue Check Marks

This feature allows your friends to know when you read their messages. But, if you want to read them without letting your friends know, disable the blue checks marks by going to Settings > Account > Privacy, where you’ll switch the toggle off on “Read Receipts.”

Stop Media Files From Auto Downloading

Every image or video your friends send to you is automatically downloaded to your phone’s internal memory. Not only that you’ll run out of space in short time, but these files consume your limited mobile data bandwidth, so it’s no point in keeping this feature activated. On Android, you’ll go to Settings > Chats and calls >Media auto-download, where you’ll decide if you want to keep downloading media files on mobile data, Wi-Fi and roaming. If you use an iPhone, turn on/off automatically “Save Incoming Media.”

Bold, Italic And Strikethrough Text

In order to bold text, put it between asterisks (*text*). An italicized text will be obtained by putting it between underscore (_text_) and to strikethrough text, put it between tildes (~text~).