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There are one billion active users each month on the popular app known as WhatsApp. There have been a vast amount of rumors circulating that WhatsApp would include a Video Calling feature in the near future. And, if this happens, more folks may actually install it on their smartphone device.

WhatsApp recently released its STABLE version or 2.16.89, but it doesn’t offer any features and has some internal changes. The changes are a demonstration of developers working hard to better the app’s problems in stability and bugs that had been discovered with the BETA version.

The APK file for WhatsApp 2.16.89 had an 18KB increase and only modifies seven files – no new files and no files have been deleted. Odd since developers tend to include a number of internal modifications.

Is WhatsApp Going To Offer The Video Calling Feature

As it currently stands, there is no news about the Video Calling feature, even though a picture leaked online shows it running on an iPhone device. This means it may soon be offered, but there’s been no confirmation of this as of yet.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.16.89 Onto An Android Device

Since WhatsApp 2.16.89 is currently STABLE, people can download it from the Google Play Store without issues. All they need to do is visit the Google Play Store, look for the WhatsApp application and install it onto the device. Once done, users can immediately use the app on their device.