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Usually, we notify you when a new beta update is available for Android, but we won’t talk about version 2.16.107 for this platform. Instead, we’ll inform you that WhatsApp has just released 2.16.107 beta for Windows Phone and one of the changes is related to the chat info screen for individual and group chats, that has been redesigned.

According to, WhatsApp’s developers have also introduced the app bar, but it doesn’t have icons in conversations. As for the group chat information screen, it gives users access to media content that participants in the conversation share. This means that all photos and audio files will be found in one place, which is great. However being a beta update, WhatsApp 2.16.74 might come with bugs that will be fixed until the release of the stable version, but it also contains performance improvements.

In order to install WhatsApp version 2.16.74, you will need to become a member of the private beta program. Once you’re accepted in the program, you’re allowed to test out the upcoming version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone and even if the developers hasn’t revealed any information about the stable version, most likely, it will be released in the coming weeks.

A month ago, 2.16.52 was being released for Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 Mobile with an awaited design refresh. The chat box was getting the message send and attachments buttons, the call button was being moved from the app bar to the top, and the profile picture of the person or group the user was chatting with was displayed on the top left corner.

Other previous additions were the possibility to share PDF documents and Excel files and there was also a new integrated file picker. In addition, users who didn’t like the backgrounds in the gallery had more options to choose from.

Soon, developers will release universal Windows applications, but we’re not sure when WhatsApp will make this step.