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Niantic officially released the U.S. beta testing for Pokémon Go on May 16, which is wonderful news for U.S. Pokémon fans that watched in envy as Japan, Australia and New Zealand fans tested the game.

Now, with the U.S. joining in on the action, fans could personally play the game to try things they could only watch via YouTube thanks to other beta testers.

In order to field test the game, players will need to visit the developer’s main website and provide it with their email address (Gmail addresses are typically preferred). They will need to have a smartphone with either Google Android or Apple iOS for their operating system. They’ll be asked if they’ve got experience with Niantic’s other game Ingress. And, if they did, what level did they reach in the game.

Niantic wants everybody to remember that just because they submit an application to become a Pokémon Go field tester does not mean they’ll automatically be accepted. The developer will go through the applications and choose who will be a field tester for the game.

If chosen, applicants will be provided with a copy of Pokémon GO to observe the gameplay. Feedback will then need to be given to Niantic, indicating which parts were good and what parts need to be edited or deleted. The applicant will also provide the developer suggestions on how the Pokémon Go game should be made better before the official release.

Niantic reminds applicants to retain all the information for themselves, not to share the game’s contents with other folks. This allows the company to have some air of surprise and the public a bit curious regarding the game. Of course, the reminder has not stopped beta testing players in the other countries to release information about their game playing experiences.

According to the numerous rumors circulating, Pokémon Go is set for launch sometime summer 2016, but only if things are good and there’s no major bugs that must be fixed before its release. Again, this is speculation as both The Pokémon Company and Niantic haven’t announced anything officially.