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With the Adobe Flash Player getting the axe, people feel both happy and sad, depending on which side of the fence they are on. Developers and publishers that rely on Flash will be sad to see it go, but those that have experienced its annoying side and many bugs would feel the exact opposite.

While it proved very useful during its heyday, its many vulnerabilities have open doors to a lot of problems. Hackers have developed many exploit kits designed to deliver virus, Trojan, ransomware and all sorts of problems to devices using Flash Player. And the pattern is that updates are released to patch the problem, until another vulnerability is discovered. Then history repeats itself.

But the Flash Player has some amazing capabilities.

It provides native support to an array of data formats, such as XML, SWF. AMF and JSON.

As a graphics and multimedia platform, it works with several multi-media format, decoding them and playing them back. These include MP3, FLV, GIF, PNG and JPEG.

It also delivers console-quality games to web browsers. Without Flash Player, web games, weather 2D or 3D, would not have stunning, blazing fast cinematic display, and fully accelerated rendering. Flash is also responsible for enhanced mouse control. It also delivers games across browsers with full-screen and full-keyboard support.

Adobe Flash Player also delivers stunning media experiences. Not only does it play high-quality HD video with industry-standard codecs, but also produced premium video content. Before security was a problem, Adobe Flash Player supports many business models, live broadcast, subscription, video-on-demand and electronic sell-through.

The combination of multi-core rendering, advanced bitmap control and SWF file optimization, results in a smoother animations and better interactivity.

Adobe Flash Player also gave the world some of the simplest, yet memorable animations.

Xiao Xiao

Nothing is oddly more satisfying than watching stick figures fight, complete with the blood and gore. Because it revolves around scenarios that play in your head, with the kind of violent ending that you want, Xiao Xiao became an overnight favorite. Are you just about ready to blow your boss’s brains out? Watch the stick man do that for you, and get the same satisfaction as if you’re actually doing the act.

Salad Fingers

It’s green. It’s creepy. It’s downright weird. But this creation by British cartoonist David Firth went viral. One of the very first in Flash animations. This is may have something to do with the idea that it encompasses pop culture and weird side of the internet.

If not for the way hackers exploit Adobe Flash Player’s vulnerabilities, it would remain a useful and safe creative tool today.