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It’s a commonly know fact as this point that the Pokemon Go game is undergoing beta testing in Japan, the US and Australia and many images have leaked from the beta testers lately.

The game is basically an augmented reality app that enables players to catch and battle Pokemon.

Fans have long stated that they are not satisfied with the changes made to the standby mechanics of the games across time. By this, we refer to the way players evolve their Pokemon in the game. In almost all of the games the Pokemon evolve by levelling up. There were some early games that used a different evolving mechanism that were determined by the evolution shards collected after catching more and more Pokemon.

And now these problems seem to have been solved as the leaked beta test images prove that there will be a different Pokemon evolving system in Pokemon Go.

What changes is that the evolutionary shards have become specialized candies and they are used to evolve a specific Pokemon. For example, only Bulbasaur candies can evolve a Bulbasaur into an Ivysaur or only Squirtle candies can evolve a Squirtle to a Wartortle.

This specialized candy based evolution mechanism apparently makes it easier for players to evolve Pokemon than ever before, according to the beta testers.

Another game playing aspect that changes in Pokemon Go is the fact that players can train their Pokemon by using Stardust – an item that increases strength and HP. A player gets Stardust every time he/she catches or hatches a Pokemon.

Besides the training feature, players can also give his Pokemon nicknames, like they could in the previous games.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming Pokemon Go game, you should know that there is a Q & A session regarding it scheduled for this year’s E3 event, on the 13th of June.

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