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Pokemon Go is an upcoming augmented reality game (AR) that has been developed by Niantic for Android and iOS and published by The Pokémon Company. Today we will talk about the BETA version of the game and some of the features that will be added to this game.

The “Pokemon GO” BETA version that has just been released in Japan, Australia and United States comes with some changes in the training mechanics and evolution.

Even if Nintendo has claimed that it will ban any leak that will be posted on the internet about the BETA version of the “Pokemon GO” game, the guys from Inquisitr have still found sources from where they have got some interesting information.

According to the leaked information, the new changes on the training mechanics and evolution will make the game more interesting. For example, if you will want to capture Ghastly in this game, it will be place and time sensitive. In other words, you will need to search for Ghastly only at night, since this Pokemon is a “ghost” type and it will be found only in cemeteries and all creepy and dark places.

Another mechanic that could be released for “Pokemon GO” could be the ability to turn these Pokemons into Evolution shards, allowing you to use them for evolving the same Pokemon.

According to PC Advisor, Nintendo will come to the E3 2016 event and it will hold a Q&A session for the game where all the Pokemon fans will be able to ask questions about this upcoming game. We remind you that the Pokemon Go is expected to be released in UK and New Zealand sometime in Q4 2016.

Even if Pokemon Go is a totally new game, we have to agree that there are many Pokemon fans out there. In other words, once this game will be released, it will become very popular in a very short period.

What are your thoughts about Pokemon Go game? Will you play it once it will be released?