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Users of the WhatsApp app may have gotten a message asking them to upgrade to WhatsApp gold version. For those who have yet to see it, the message tells you the secret of WhatsApp gold version is being given to you and was used only by the well-known celebrities in the past.

The message also states “normal” users are now eligible to use the Gold version.

Based on what the message says, the WhatsApp Golden version will have an array of features not see with the normal version like: ability to send more than 100 pictures at one time, Video Calling and deleting messages sent by mistake. The message lets you know that the WhatsApp Gold version is invitation only from the person who has invited the message recipient.

Wait! If users get this message and have installed the WhatsApp Gold version, they may have just been subjected to malware thanks to hackers. There’s no such thing as a WhatsApp Gold version.

If a person has “installed” the “Gold” version, they need to install an antivirus onto their device to keep hackers from getting access to personal information. This isn’t the first time hackers have attempted this. Therefore, if a person wants an official WhatsApp app onto their device, they should visit the Google Play Store to do so.