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Many rumors about the GTA 6 have surfaced in the past few months, but some new reports are suggesting the upcoming game will come with the biggest map ever. Adrian Page, a Rockstar Games employee has uploaded a series of renders to his online portfolio.

However, a picture that he uploaded on the website seems to be a shot of the Middle Park from the GTA 4 game. What is interesting is that the graphics of the leak are quite different from the GTA 4 game, actually looking like they’re rendered using the GTA 5 engine.

We remind you that some of the previous rumors were suggesting that the GTA 6 will come with a big map that will contain the past “GTA” Maps. After this image has been uploaded, we’ve heard a lot of rumors surfacing all over the internet, saying that the GTA 6 will come with Liberty City location.

Well, that’s something new, as Leslie Benzies has said in the past that the company will likely have “one big world containing all our cities” and players will be able to fly between them and revisit their favorite areas. Unfortunately, Leslie has left Rockstar and we’re not sure how many of his ideas will be used for the upcoming GTA 6 game.

There are also rumors which say that the Liberty City might come as downloadable content (DLC) to the GTA 5. Unfortunately, Rockstar didn’t confirm any of these leaks, so we can’t be sure about anything right now.

E3 2016 event will start on June 14, 2016 and it will end on June 16, 2016. According to reports, Rockstar will come with information about the upcoming GTA 6 during this event.

Do you think that the Liberty City will be released as a DLC for GTA 5?

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