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Don’t have enough storage space to download more applications from the Google Play Store? Very soon, the Play Store will have the ability to suggest which unused applications can be uninstalled from your device, freeing enough space for the applications you need at the moment.

This new feature will come in the form of an uninstall manager. When you download from the Play Store with insufficient space, the uninstall manager will pop up with a list of unused apps that you can delete.

By simply tapping on the apps you no longer need, you can open up room for other applications. The uninstall manager will also suggest that you delete media files in Settings > Storage.

Although you can always increase internal storage space by adding another memory card, if your device has a designated slot, the new feature from Google Play Store provides you with a neat shortcut.

So what can you download to fill up freed-up storage space?

Any one of the top Android apps of 2016.

Science Journal

Whether you are a frustrated scientist or a real one, you will enjoy using Science Journal. It provides a handy tool for recording data, test results and research. You can also use it to perform actual scientific experiments. Unlike traditional scientific tools, this app lets you play with science in bright colors, and at no cost.

Slimperience Browser

As the name suggests, this browser is slim and lightweight in terms of space consumption. Only 400 KB in size, you may not even need to uninstall unused apps to download and install the slimperience browser. Now don’t think because it’s slim and lightweight that it is not up to par with more popular browsers. It offers efficient and fast browsing experience, and boasts of an advanced design that is fully customizable and comes with numerous settings.

Dark Sky

It’s not a game, just to be clear. Its name might give that impression about Dark Sky, but it is actually a weather app that is funkier than most, but provides accurate forecasts. Apart from providing weather reports, it also accepts live weather report from you, which it then relates to its own readings and predictions in order to provide you with a better picture. A colorful interface and animated graphics complete this amazing app.

There are plenty of other Android apps 2016 that you can download. With the Google Play Store faster and more informative than ever, you are likely to visit it more often.