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The current Google Earth version available for download is, but with the release of version 7.0, there have been several changes to the popular program – both additions and issues fixed.

Google Earth version 7.0

A couple of new features were added into the seventh edition of Google Earth, and these include:

  • Support for 3D imagery data. The 3D data can provide a comprehensive representation of metropolitan areas around the world. However, it was only available in several areas when it was first released.
  • New Tour Guide in client. With the new tour guide, users can explore different places around the world. As they move, thumbnails of pre-created tours as well as points of interest will update dynamically with interesting locations in the current view.
  • Support for terrain data accessible through the Google Maps Engine.
  • Tilts are done at a higher elevation when zooming in so that 3D imagery to be better showcased.
  • A unified graphical rendering pipeline.
  • A redesigned startup tips and status bar.

Issues fixed in Google Earth 7.0

Several issues were fixed in Google Earth Client including:

  • a bug in Pro and Enterprise where cached login data disappeared after upgrading to Mac OS 10.8+
  • sound now being able to be recorded through a microphone when producing a tour
  • an improved Atmosphere feature that allows users on certain NVIDIA GeForce cards
  • an issue where the Polygons clamped to the seafloor has been fixed and now displays correctly

No product is ever perfect

Although new versions are constantly churned out, that doesn’t mean the product is flawless – there will still be errors, that can be guaranteed. This is the reason Google Earth is currently at as this features fixes to known bugs and other new additions.

Google Earth version – what’s new?

A couple of features were fixed in this release concerning Google Client, and these include the following:

  • An update from OAuth 1.0 to OAuth 2.0 in the Google account sign-in process. This was done as OAuth 1.0 was deprecated. This also means that users will not be able to sign in using their Google Accounts after May 30, 2015 in all previous versions of Earth.
  • The auto-update process on Mac OS X was fixed.

Google Earth is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also offered in both free and paid varieties with the latter offering more options, of course. In case you’re undecided about which version to get, here’s a comparison to help you make a decision.