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Fans of Pokémon have probably been watching the news and posts about Pokémon GO, looking for video leaks beta testers have uploaded to YouTube. Of course, there may be a few things that people wonder about the game; questions that field testers from Japan, New Zealand and Australia may share… even though they’re really not supposed to.

A Look At Pokéballs and Combats

GOtrip is one of the beta testers that shared opinions about the Pokémon GO game. According to GOtrip, players will find it difficult to catch their Pokémon than in other versions. Players who like use the red Pokéballs may discover they can’t use it to catch the advanced Pokémon… only for the basic ones. A yellow or blue Pokéballs will be needed to catch advanced Pokémon.

It appears that Pokémon GO isn’t giving players a lot of incentive to battle other Pokémon trainers. If players defeat gym Pokémon, they attain 100 XP. Field testers have found a loophole that lets them level their Pokémon steadily by keeping them in gyms.

While this may be a bit disappointing, users need to remember that this is Beta Pokémon Go. Things could change between now and the game’s official release.

What’s Still Not Known?

While there have been all kinds of information from field testers, there are still some lingering questions such as the one about fainting. What are players to do if a Pokémon faints? Monsters may be healed with a potion or sent to a Pokémon Center. What’s not known is how this situation is handled.

The Pokémon GO beta version for the U.S. was recently released. There’s been no word from Niantic on when the game will officially launch though it’s been heavily speculated that summer 2016 is the developer’s goal.