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Fans of Clash of Clans may know about Supercell’s recent update to the game, but may not know what changes the update will entail. For those who don’t know what the update has included, here’s a rundown of the game and how it affects it.

A Look At New Levels and Tweaks

After the updated is downloaded, players are going to notice there’s a housing decline for the game’s Bowler troop – from eight to six housing spaces. This means Bowlers have more value and fit better in the player’s army.

There’s also the upgrade in Spring Traps of Town Hall 7, with its larger surface area that allows players to take more of their enemies out and potentially attain an extra Valkyrie.

At Town Hall 11, there’s new levels such as Balloon level 7, Lava level 4 and Cannon level 14. These latest improvements enable players to boost the strength of high-level air armies and better their ground defense.

Other Changes To The Game

Besides the changes seen with the levels and other improvements, players will also see various tweaks with the May Clash of Clans update. For instance, Edit Mode tools have new features to them, letting players alter the layouts quickly and easily.  Players can drag their spells and troops into the training queue without any disruption to their progress. Players can tap the Builder Info panel to attain suggestions regarding upgrades that structures can get.

The latest update ensures players are able to easily attain information about clans since War Logs are now available for public knowledge… unless the clan settings are set to private. Thanks to the live spectator count feature, real-time information regarding the amount of people watching a player’s game can be attained now.

Who Is The Update Geared Toward?

The latest Clash of Clans update is set up to keep current players interested in the game while convincing previous players to try it once more.