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If we have to be fair, we have to admit that the entrance of the Chinese company Xiaomi on the market have been making things tough for the rest of the companies. HTC is no exception to this, so many people have started recently to compare their products to the new Chinese ones. The new smartphone they released is the One X9, which costs 25,990 rupees. What they actually tried to do here is to get the looks of a high end phone with the price of a mid-range one.

HTC made a premiere with this smartphone, in fact. They introduced for the first time a device based on metal in the middle range, between 20,000 and 30,000 rupees. This is good, since most of the mid-range devices from the Desire range have a plastic body, so this is a welcomed change. Also, they added some discreet changes in the design, like the black addition on the back and a more pronounced camera module. On the other hand, with the Xiaomi Mi5 you will get a modern look, based on a metal frame and a glass back.

HTC included a 5.5 inches LCD which offers a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. What is really good is the fact that it comes with Gorilla Glass, which is scratch resistant, so it will look good all the time. Moreover, you can further customize your device. For instance, you can select the tint of the display. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has chosen a 5.1 inches display, an AMOLED one though, unlike the LCD display HTC has. The resolution is identical though, and they also offer scratch-resistant screen. However, it brings an extra feature: sunlit display, which adjusts the screen according to the natural light in the surroundings.

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