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While there have been speculation about what Black Ops IV may feature, what isn’t certain at this point is its release date. However, the studio that makes the game, Treyarch Studios, may have just raised the expectation factor a bit by announcing that they might work on Black Ops 4. This has got avid fans speculating that it is coming really soon.

In a tweet, Treyarch Studios announced that they are “actively investigating and working to bring back online services for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Watch this space.” Anyone who wants to know updates and such regarding this should follow the official account of the game maker on Twitter.

Black Ops III was definitely a success and according to one gamer, the way it was set up seems to indicate that a fourth edition might be coming. Other gamers have agreed but they also want it to revolve around the same theme. In other words, they don’t want the game to stray too far away from what drew them into it.

The rumors have the release date for Black Ops IV put it around 2018. If this is to be held, development must start right about now if it is going to be released on time. There have also been rumors regarding a movie based on the game, whether that pans out still remains to be seen.

It’s not a wonder if fans would want a Black Ops 4. One only need to look at the number of views the fake trailer for the game got on YouTube. The video was released just a few weeks after Black Ops III was released. The trailer for Black Ops 4 got around three million views which is quite enough proof that fans are looking forward to a new version of the much-loved game.

For now, all the evidence we have about an upcoming Black Ops 4 is a tweet from its makers, Treyarch Studios. That alone is enough to look forward to a new edition coming really soon. But how soon still remains to be the question that needs to be answered.

After all, a DLC might still be needed for Black Ops 3 and the game maker is still developing other games, one of which is the sequel for Ghost which is set for release this year.

The best thing fans can do is to keep a close watch on the Twitter feed of the game’s makers for any updates regarding Black Ops 4.