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Performance matters when it comes to gaming, and both the AMD Polaris R9 490 and GTX 1080 are proving to be worthy. But what about their differences? Surely there should be some as not all chips are created equal. In other words, there must be something about the other that is better.

Which one will be the winner when it comes to gaming performance? Will the GTX 1080 hold the title – or will it be the AMD Radeon R9 490?

We still don’t know until we review them – but there are a lot of rumors buzzing around.

Overall gaming performance

While both chips are expected to be more powerful than the GPU requirements of certain games – that doesn’t say much about its overall gaming performance. What is it like to play using both chips? Are they any good? Or is it underwhelming?

We don’t know yet. But according to some rumors, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 is taking over the hardcore gamers, while the Radeon R9 490 will supposedly become a budget alternative for games that don’t demand very powerful graphics. An although both of these graphics cards are novelties in the gaming world and therefore competitors, rumors say that gamers have already made their choices.

From what we can see in the pre-specs, the clock speed of the GTX will be higher than that of the R9 490 – 607 MHz higher core clock speed. While that might be true, the R9 490 won’t have 192 more Texture Mapping Units. What does this all mean? The R9 490 will have a 94.9 Gtexel/s better Texture Fill Rate than Nvidia’s GTX 1080. Then again, both of these GPUs do support DirectX 10 at the very least. So the bottom line is that both of the graphics card will be ready for optimal gaming performance.

As Radeon announced, the R9 490 will also have 64 more Render Output Units than the GTX 1080. Because of this, the former will have 25.2 Gpixel/s better Pixel Fill Rate than the 1080. However, given that both of these are to be officially announced and tested, the pixel performance isn’t quite relevant at this point. It only becomes relevant once comparing them with the older cards.

So far, we have only seen how the GeForce GTX 1080 performs – and it is really good. However, we are about to wait a little bit for the R9 490 by Radeon – which is supposed to hit the market at the end of June. At that point, a detailed comparison will be inevitable.

The GeForce GTX 1080 and the AMD Radeon R9 490 both offer powerful performances and if you’d like to know more about their specs – here’s an article comparing both of them in detail.