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As one of the most popular handheld consoles of all time, the Nintendo DS has iconic status right next to the Game Boy and the PSP. Users have evolved these days and they are looking for ways to bring a lot of games with them wherever they go. Luckily, this is what NDS Emulators were created for.

But how do you find the best emulator for you? Here are some elements to take into consideration:

It has to play multiple games

The main reason for wanting to get an NDS emulator is to be able to play as many games while only carrying one device. An emulator needs to be able to deliver on this matter and luckily, there are a couple out there that manage to meet expectations. The DraStic DS Emulator is one of the best out there as it can play whatever you throw at it, however it may be rather pricey for some users.

It has to have great features

A good NDS emulator needs to have the essentials to make game play as smooth as possible. For one, controller optimization is great to have so users can feel comfortable playing. In addition to that, having screen layout customization helps too.

More than average ROM capability is also good to have and every good NDS emulator should have basic capabilities like save and load states. The whole point here is the NDS emulator of your choice should be able to cater to your interests. Plus, the free options available allow you to test multiple emulators before deciding on what you really want.

It has to be pocket friendly

No one wants to spend money only to end up disappointed. The good thing with an open-source platform like Android is that there are several options available that don’t cost so much or don’t cost anything at all! This is true when considering AseDS, one of the newer NDS emulators in the market. It is offered free of charge and even comes with features such as cheat codes, custom button layouts, screen display options and performance options (which include frame skipping for smoother game play). So take time to read the comments about each emulator to see what those who have tried it are saying.

So when you’re out looking for a good NDS emulator, try looking into these three factors. They will certainly help you narrow down your choices from what’s available. And if you’d like a suggestion of good NDS emulators for Android, we compiled the top five for you.