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One of the most popular smartphone strategy games is Clash of Clans. And, whenever new updates are released by the developers, they tend to offer sneak peaks letting people know what’s about to happen in the game.

In the May sneak peek update for Clash of Cans, there were two new troops seen and they will be included in the game. Baby Dragon is a new troop that needs Elixir for training purposes. They take up 10 storage spaces, and for them to be trained, players must have a Town Hall level 9.

The troop’s stats change no matter how they are released – by themselves or in a group while on a battlefield. A lone Baby Dragon’s stats will increase. However, the more of them released means a decline in stats. This could only mean more players using a lone Baby Dragon to garner the full advantage the troop has to offer.

The other troop is The Miner, which can dig underground so it doesn’t become damaged from spells that are casted. For players to use this troop, they need to have a Town Hall level 10 and it will take up five housing spaces.