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Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra has announced on his Twitter account that Microsoft’s Xbox One console will get a new update soon with “key gaming features” that will help the device evolve. This is the same strategy that Microsoft has used with its previous Xbox 360, but after the arrival of the Xbox One in 2013, the console has received many new features, bug fixes and its user interface was tweaked to be friendlier.

Xbox preview members must wait patiently until a new set of improvements will be brought to the Xbox One. Microsoft hasn’t given a list of features and changes, but the company has assured players that the update will include “key gaming features.” However, it’s not known if this is the Xbox One Anniversary Update that is expected to arrive this month, but if our suspicions will come true, then the update will allow Xbox owners to use the latest generation console as a development kit, to add Cortana and to listen to background music while playing games.

The aforementioned features are not related to gaming, so we’re guessing that Microsoft wants to surprise us with whatever they have in mind and will implement. Players are able to find many features in the store for their console, but Microsoft might actually include them in the next update. For now, nobody knows exactly what changes will be brought alongside this update, but many players are continuing to make assumptions.

Most likely, Microsoft will talk more about it at E3 2016 event, which will kick off on June 14. The company has previously announced many Xbox One system updates at this event and we’re pretty sure that next week will be showcased the upcoming update. Background music is a feature that Xbox One owners have been requesting and this functionality is not impossible to be implemented.