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WhatsApp Gold sounds particularly nice, which is why a lot of people have been convinced to upgrade from the stock WhatsApp to the Gold version. But this is one app you don’t want installed on your device.

So if you haven’t installed it yet, skip it entirely. But if you already did, uninstall it right away. Because WhatsApp Gold is nothing more than a scam to trick you into downloading malware. And if there’s one thing to know about malware is that it is up to no good. Not installing WhatsApp Gold is the same as protecting yourself from opening malware-infested WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Gold is marketed as the premium version of WhatsApp, where an update is completely free. But the fact that you received a message prompting you to sign up for the messaging service via the WhatsApp Gold website, instead of through the app itself or from Google Play Store, is a major red flag.

But unsuspecting users would probably install it in a heartbeat, because it has all the makings of a legitimate offer with some really cool features added into the mix.

It plays on the idea of making you feel very important with the term exclusive version. This gives the impression that only a select number of users can install WhatsApp Gold, as it is only available via invitation. Who doesn’t want to have access to that limited edition?

It further reinforces the “privilege” you’ve been given because it claims to be used only by big celebrities. Imagine a celebrity account being opened to you and only exclusive to a chosen few? Moreover, the features of WhatsApp Gold is nothing short of golden, which includes video calling, free calling, ability to change themes and buttons of WhatsApp, and be able to send 100 images at one time. The list of features is pretty long and is sure to lure you into installing WhatsApp Gold.

But the reality is that it also has telling signs of something fishy. WhatsApp wouldn’t require you to click a link to a website when downloading and installing an update. This usually happens automatically, depending on your mobile phone’s settings. WhatsApp also said that it will only reach users through official points of contact, such as an email, and not via text messages.

Once a malware has been installed on your mobile phone or device, hackers will be able to steal personal information or track your movements. In short, it’s the end of a secure world for you, as you know it.

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