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Summer is always a great time. For students, school is out giving them months to do lots of activities. For adults, the weather can be a mixture of good and not-so-good which prompts us to stay indoors. But for video game lovers, summer is heaven. This is the season where kids of all ages get a lot of offers from different video game stores.

According to Vine Report, the Steam Summer Sale will begin on June 23. The source of the report was a post on reddit by a user called MrFreeman BBQ. The user posted the information and also included a screenshot that revealed the plans.

Christian Daily reports that the Steam Summer Sale would provide worthwhile offers but the free game lineup for June from PlayStation Plus might be competing with it. For one, NBA 2k16 and Gone Home are reportedly part of the mix. Not only that, PlayStation is also rumored to be including Resident Evil HD Remastered, Watch Dogs, Infamous Second Son, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Evil Within and Psychobreak. Given that these are really heavy titles, Steam would have to offer so much more to be able to compete.

Then again, all of these titles being floated about in the air are just speculation.  In other words, nothing has been confirmed just yet. June 23 is a few weeks away yet, and we may be getting credible information real soon. We expect Steam to release information really soon. So until then, we can only think of what they would offer come June 23rd.

Steam delivers a wide collection of games straight to a user’s desktop computer. They have more than 3,000 games across varied genres from action to indie. Users can even enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates and other benefits. Steam is available for users of PC, Mac and Linux and once you buy it, you can play it across several platforms (buy once play anywhere platform). Steam also offers a Cross-Platform Multiplayer which allows users to play with others no matter what platform they log into.

The Steam Summer Sale begins on June 23 and ends on July 4. A lot of titles are going to be offered and one of the rumored ones being offered is the Mafia 3 Collectors Edition. Until such a time we get an official release from Steam, we can only dream of what would be put on sale in a couple of weeks.

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