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The Playstation Neo (PS4 Neo), Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo DX are – at this point – just a dream. However, the CEO of GameSpot Paul Raines, when speaking to Fox Business, suggested that we will all be hearing about these consoles at the upcoming E3 which will be held this June. While some might find delight in that scoop, announcing new consoles at the E3 event shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We have known for some time now about the PlayStation Neo (which is the name given for the PlayStation 4), Xbox Scorpio and Nintendo DX. Different sources have been reporting about possible release dates with Innelec Media (a French multimedia distributor) hinting that a Sony console would be out before October. Kotaku and Polygon also reported that as early as August, we may be seeing a slimmed down Xbox One with the upgraded Scorpio coming in 2017.

Given that these rumored release dates are rather near, wouldn’t it be about right to roll out marketing campaigns announcing the products? An announcement at one of the biggest conferences – the E3 – would be the perfect platform to make those announcements.

However, given the 2017 planned release of the Xbox Scorpio, there might not be any hints at all of it at the upcoming E3. It would be understandable in Microsoft’s case not to divulge any information so soon. It would make sense though, that they would be talking about the Xbox One Slim since that is due this year.

There were also news of a new Nintendo console but according to sources, the release of that product has been pushed back to early 2017. Sources say that the delay was made to allow Nintendo to integrate the handheld and console aspects, as well as virtual reality functionality better.

There hasn’t been much concrete information regarding the NX but sources have reported that it would a hybrid between a console and handheld. How this comes to be remains to be seen, but Nintendo isn’t issuing confidence as well by minimizing volume orders by half. Although opting to release only 10 million retail units can be linked to the failure of the Wii U, it may also be linked to new hardware refreshes from Microsoft and Sony.

So, to sum all things up:

  • the PlayStation Neo can be expected before October
  • the Xbox One Slim might debut in August
  • the Xbox Scorpio is due in 2017
  • the Nintendo NX release was pushed back to early 2017