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It has been months since Minecraft got the Xbox One update 18.8, but fans continue to wait for anything new to come out, and they may not have to wait much longer this June. Game developer Mojang is preparing something big.

Paying close attention as to which packs sell the most, the game studio has decided to bundle them together along with a base game to create Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites pack.

What can you expect from the Favorites bundle?

The base game is Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and packed together with seven other content packs.

  1. Battle & Beasts Skin Pack

This brings to the game warriors and animals for more customization options.

  1. Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack

As improvements go, this pack has more warriors and animals, including mammals.

  1. City Texture Pack

This pack feeds the architect or engineer in you. Time to build cities and modern buildings.

  1. Fantasy Texture Pack

Let your imagination run wild and in full color.

  1. Festive Mash-Up

A true celebration in every sense of the word. Enjoy the festive mood and quality of this pack.

  1. Halo Mash-Up

This bring together Halo and Minecraft in one platform. What more can you ask for?

  1. Natural Texture Pack

Go au naturel with this semi-realistic texture pack.

This brings a total of 5 texture packs and 120 skins.

But don’t think you are getting the same packs you’ve already played before, because there are changes made, such as the inclusion of two mash-up packs that have fresh in-game music and tweaked UI.

Minecraft fans in Australia and New Zealand will be the first to enjoy the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites pack, which will be available in stores on June 7. The rest of the world will get their hands on it on June 21. Just a few more days, guys.

How did Mojang determine the best of the best, considering that everything Minecraft is pretty awesome?

In an official blog, the game Studio bragged about having “some of the hottest data analysts in the world”, who are responsible for calculating precisely which add-on packs on the Xbox One console sold the most. Does hottest mean just great looking, or gorgeous and smart?

No matter. The important thing is something new is out to spice up your Minecraft experience, and make a difference to the way you play video games on the Xbox One.

With mini-games set for Xbox One soon, it will be more fun all around.