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From now on, owners of a smartwatch running on Android Wear will be able to access their email and calendar thanks to the addition of the Microsoft Outlook watch face. This way, it will be easier for users to know what’s scheduled, just by looking at the screen of their smartwatches.

Outlook for Android Wear was launched in April, but Microsoft wanted to enhance experience for users, so it brought the Outlook watch face through a new update. Two days ago, the Redmond-based company has announced that Calendar app and Outlook mail app will get a version for wearables. “With the Outlook watch face, you can quickly see an overview of your day’s schedule along with key details on where you need to be next. Staying on top of your day has never been easier,” said the Outlook team.

However, users can use the Outlook watch face not only to check their emails or schedule for the current day, as Microsoft has designed it to stay put all the time on the screen of smartwatches powered by Android Wear. So, when looking at the screen, users will check their inbox notification and daily events, and this will spare them from launching the widget or application in order to have access to these details.

If users create Calendar events, the watch face shows the date, day and time when the event will take place and if nothing’s scheduled for the next 12 hours, only the recent email will appear on the screen. Also, Microsoft has matched the colors on the watch’s dial with the color of the calendar, but users can personalize the background according to their tastes.

The Outlook watch face can be used to generate meeting reminders, and if users can’t get to an appointment on time, they are able to send a note. When responding to emails with invitations, uses can choose a preset response from the list, or they can use voice dictations to send a message with their own words.