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Clash of Clans fans may have noticed that the May update brought with it several new game features and levels including Skeleton Spells and Friendly Challenges. What should players know about the latest features of Clash of Clans?

A Look At Friendly Challenges

Clash Royale players know about the friendly battles, and it’s a feature that has made its way to Clash of Clans thanks to Supercell listening to its players.

What is the Friendly Challenge concept? It’s a feature that lets clan mates to battle one another, which lets them improve their skills and abilities or find out which person is better. Friendly Challenges can be organized within a clan so that clan mantes can better their defenses, boost the possibility of winning against teams and come up with superior attack tactics.

Friendly Challenges don’t need gold, are unlimited and don’t use Troops, Heroes, Traps and Spells up. The bad thing about them is that players don’t earn anything.  In order for a Friendly Challenge to be started, players will need to go to their Clan chat and click “Challenge Button”. Any clan mate can accept the challenge. For players who’ve been challenged, they just need to tap the Challenge that appears in the chat, and begin game playing.

No resources are lost during the Friendly Challenge, as they’re given back upon the game’s conclusion.

A Look At Skeleton Spells

The Clash Of Clans May update also involved Skeleton Spells. One spell allows Skeletons to appear on the battlefield when players reach the 9th Town Hall but will cost them a single Dark Elixir. According to experts, the Spell is ineffective when demolishing buildings but is ideal in bringing the troops out and come up with a diversion to boost players’ game advantage.