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Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series will have a reason to rejoice. This is due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3, the latest installment of the series, will soon be released for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As the eighth game of the series, many fans are expected to get overwhelmed by the impressive graphics under the new platforms.

Quick Look

For beginners, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a creation of Square Enix. This game features a mix of action and adventure role-playing game that combines the world of Disney and Square Enix. Basically, the game will continue the story of its predecessor Kingdom Hearts 2.

It highlights the cast and the worlds that each player can jump into and get to explore the environment. The worlds will include one from Tangled, including the Colosseum and other locations such as the Twilight Town and the Destiny Island.

This third installment will follow the adventure of Sora trying to put an end to the plan of Master Xehanort as he tries to recreate the x-blade to open the Kingdom Hearts. This will be done by the hero as he also tries to save hearts of Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Ventus, and Xion.

Overall Game Development

The development was first announced in June of 2013 in the E3 or better known as Electronics Entertainment Exposition. However, only a few updates were released regarding the game’s improvement. In October of the same year, another news regarding the development of its graphics and gameplay was released.

Square Enix released a trailer regarding the Kingdom of Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix in the E3 of 2014. It was only in the E3 of 2015 that the Kingdom Hearts 3 was mentioned along with the new gameplay by its director Tetsuya Nomura.

New Features

Kingdom Hearts director Nomura explains that the action just got even crazier. Basically, it will provide a three-person party in which characters will be able to join and fight in the individual worlds. Consequently, it creates a very exciting and flashy action scene with the characters. Moreover, the enemy artificial intelligence has also been enhanced in which the gameplay will truly reflect the dynamic balance.

A new announcement was made about the franchise’s development using the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. This has been made after opting out of the Luminous engine from Squares, which was supposedly the engine where it would run in. Nevertheless, the timeline for its completion will not be affected given these new updates.