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The latest Adobe Flash Player download remains to be version that was released last May 16. There is no word yet of another update that will come out soon.

It is possible that the new update offered enough security and protection to keep hackers at bay. No one really knows when another zero-day exploit will be discovered, but people can relax – for now. Or at least for a month, since Adobe has been releasing patches on a monthly basis.

Still haven’t updated with the latest version? You might want to download it now to minimize the possibility of being hacked or attacked by malware or ransomware. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Adobe Flash Player has become a favorite channel for delivering malicious content with full intend to exploit and inflict damage.

How to Download the Latest Version on a Windows Computer

  1. Visit Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player to determine which version of Adobe Flash Player you have installed
  2. Close all applications running.
  3. Go to to update to the current Adobe Flash Player version.
  4. Uncheck any extra toolbars on offer, such as Google Toolbar.
  5. Click Install Now to start the installation process
  6. Follow all installation steps showed on the screen.
  7. Choose Install Updates Automatically When Available when prompted to choose the update method for future releases of Adobe Flash Player. This will ensure your Flash Player stays updated to the latest Adobe Flash Player download.
  8. Wait for the current version of Flash Player to display on screen to confirm complete installation. If this is not the case, close all browser windows, and re-check Adobe Flash Player installed on your device.

If you still have the old version, repeat Step 1 to download the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller to remove the old version. Repeats Steps 2 to 8.

What to Do If Installation Fails

  1. Click Close Download Manager.
  2. Recheck your version of Adobe Flash Player by repeating Step 1. There are cases when the update still completes, even when the Adobe Download Manager says otherwise.

If it shows that you still have the old version, repeat the entire installation process.

It is important to note that Adobe Flash Player would only work in Windows and Mac. Android users will have to wait for a new update.

Don’t be vulnerable to malware or virus attack, update to the latest Adobe Flash Player download.