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The controversial release of Grand Theft Auto in 2013 made its mark by breaking industry sales records. In fact, it has historically become the fastest-selling product in the entertainment industry. Earning US$800 million to US$1 billion in three days alone.

Quick Look

The game features an action-adventure environment for fans looking to have open world interactions. Basically, it can be played viewing as a first-person or a third-person around the world that can be navigated by vehicle or on foot.

Players will be able to become the lead protagonists and the story revolves around heist sequences, wherein many of the missions involve driving and shooting gameplays. For players who will commit any type of crime, he or she will be under the aggression of law enforcement.

Game Development

The development of Grand Theft Auto 5 began in 2009 by Rockstar North after the release of its predecessor. The team of more than a thousand people developed the game including the staff and core team of its parent company the Rockstar Games studios worldwide.

The development team created the open world on the basis of the landscape from Los Angeles and Southern California. The team also include some careful analysis to perfectly reproduce and reflect on the demographic spread of Los Angeles. Consequently, they studied some census data as well as viewed some documentaries regarding the city.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was also the first of its series to feature original scoring that was composed by the team of producers working collaboratively over the years. Likewise, it featured licensed music played within the game through a radio. The team also shared and licensed over 241 tracks in different radio stations.

New Game Features

The game will cater to some related platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a rerelease was announced during the Electronics Entertainment Exposition in 2014. Along with this new enhancement, it will have significant features like draw distance, denser traffic, fine texture details, new wildlife, upgraded weather enhancements, and vegetation.

It will also have an upgraded view featuring an on-foot first person option. This means that the guys in the development team will have to overhaul or redo the system for animation in order to accommodate the gameplay for the first person.

Rockstar explained that they will require extra time though to develop and polish the versions to work flawlessly on several platforms. Additionally, the Rockstar Editor will allow players to capture and edit videos from the gameplay.