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It was just a few days ago when Bethesda released the latest DLC for Fallout 4, with the promise that more will follow the Far Harbor DLC. But there have already been reports that the DLC may have a falling out with the PS4.

Some PlayStation 4 owners claim that Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC is performing poorly on the PS4. Substantial performance issues are present in the main game, most of which have been identified based only on a two-hour sample of the new content. Imagine how many problems you will encounter when you play the game for an entire day.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC PS4 Performance Issues

  • Poor frame rates

Even with patch 1.6 added, certain areas of the game still run at a baseline of 20fps or lower. The fog effect also reduces the gameplay’s frame rates. Overall, the Far Harbor region in PS4 is one of the most sluggish regions in Fallout 4’s new DLC.

  • Difficult real-time targeting

The use of a volumetric fog effect in a more aggressive manner causes the dip in refresh rates from 30fps to 15fps at its extreme. This results in a thick layer of alpha transparency that makes it hugely difficult for real-time targeting.

  • Glaring visual display

Most of the issues in PS4 are caused by the performance-sapping fog effect. Considering that Far Harbor is the biggest region to be added to Fallout 4 so far, playing the game at 20fps is quite frustrating. But nothing is worse than when real action results in a glaring visual display. What’s the point in playing the game, then? The same problem is evident when operating outside of indoor spots and towns.

This is why a majority of Fallout 4 players is saying that the new DLC is a lot better on the Xbox, with the new mods made available just a few days ago.

Games technology specialist Digital Foundry said that “PS4’s current performance profile sees the Far Harbor region present one of the most sluggish regions in the game, while Xbox One consistently runs at a higher refresh”. Xbox One also has a smoother performance than PS4.

But the Xbox is not without its share of problems. The volumetric fog effect is also causing fluctuations in Xbox One to go up and down the scale. It is less than ideal, but a lot better than PS4’s performance.

Bethesda promised to send a patch to fix the problem as soon as possible.